The cradle of elegant women of the 21st century

Today our society requests ‘survival and developments’ for the ‘changing and competitive’ environment.

Gwangju Women’s University aims to become a prestigious university by fostering elegant women of ability for the 21st century in the era of changes and competitions.

Gwangju Women’s University aims to become a leading brand that represents ‘elegant women’.

As a university that values human life and makes good human beings, Gwangju Women’s University is the cradle of talented people with dignity and humanity.

Also, Gwanju Women’s University educates its students to be the talent that our country and our society need.

Our university anticipates and accepts the need of the industrial fields.

We make our best efforts to develop programs to foster people of talent whom the field needs, who fit for all fields and who grow continuously.

Thank you.
Gwangju Women’s University President
Lee sun-jae