1. Departments and Maximum Student Capacity
2. Screening Schedule
3. Qualifications for Admission
4. Required Documents
5. Screening Method
6. Screening fee
7. Registration Method & Refund
8. Please note
9. Scholarship
10. Dormitory (Songgang Dormitory) Guide
11. Class Schedule

New students (1st year)
Transfer students (3rd year)
Undergraduate Programs
Department of Airline Service, Department of Call Marketing , Department of Police and Law, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Silver Care, ★ Department of Counseling and Psychology, Department of Childhood English Education, Department of Speech-language Therapy, Department of Art Therapy, Department of Health Administration, Department of Complementary Alternative Therapy, Department of Pharmacology & Cosmetology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, ★ Department of Food and Nutrition, ★Department of Beauty Science, ★Department of Interior Design, Department of Dance, Department of Childhood Education
# of students per department
# of students per department

※ Applicants can select only one of the departments
※ Department with ★ has a course of study for the teaching profession
※ Departments related to Education are not recruiting (for e.g. Department of Elementary Special Education, Department of Secondary Special Education, departments in the health field (Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dental Hygiene, and Occupational Therapy)