1. Departments and Maximum Student Capacity
2. Screening Schedule
3. Qualifications for Admission
4. Required Documents
5. Screening Method
6. Screening fee
7. Registration Method & Refund
8. Please note
9. Scholarship
10. Dormitory (Songgang Dormitory) Guide
11. Class Schedule

(1st year)
(3rd year)
Application form
Form provided by the University
Personal statement
Form provided by the University
Academic plan
Form provided by the University
Funding plan for tuition fees
Form provided by the University
Recommendation letter
Form provided by the University
College diploma (Certificate of Expectation of Graduation) and transcript
Submit the original copy of certificate of registration (completion of courses, graduation certificate, expectation of graduation) and transcript from the school of the highest educational level
High school diploma (Certificate of Expectation of Graduation) and transcript
In case the seal on the graduation diploma varies (in terms of school and principal’s names), submit a document proving the change in the name of the school or principal
Results of the school register check
High school: www.cdgdc.edu.cn
University/college: www.chsi.com.cn
Photocopy of passport and ID
부모님 거민증 사본
Employment certificate and proof of income of the parent(s)
Bank statement
Deposited for at least 6 months (until after admission date)
- D2 : over $10,000, CNY 80,000
- D4 : over $3,000, CNY 30,000
Original copy of the family register
Renewal date, within 6 months of the admission date
Notarized certificate of family relations
- If there are more than one family registers or the applicant and his/her parents are not on the same family register, he/she may submit the original family-register certificate or a notarized certificate of family relations
- In case the applicant’s parents are divorced, he/she should submit the certificate of family relations and an original copy of the divorce certificate
- In case the applicant’s parent(s) is/are deceased, he/she should submit a copy of the dead certificate(s)
4 photos
3 photos (3*4cm)
TOPIK score
TOPIK Class 3 or higher (students applying for the undergraduate departments and graduate schools)

※ All documents must be submitted in Korean or English