1. Departments and Maximum Student Capacity
2. Screening Schedule
3. Qualifications for Admission
4. Required Documents
5. Screening Method
6. Screening fee
7. Registration Method & Refund
8. Please note
9. Scholarship
10. Dormitory (Songgang Dormitory) Guide
11. Class Schedule

Document Screening
New students (1st year)
Transfer students (3rd year)
(However, document screening and interview are performed by the Department of Airline Service)

A. The applicants are admitted based on the document screening performed by the Review Committee of the University, established for foreign applicant screening.
※ Evaluation items: personal statement, school grades (transcript), academic abilities, financial ability, application route, etc.

B. Applicants, who are determined to be lacking in the academic abilities required by the University, will not be admitted even if the maximum student capacity has not been met.