1. Departments and Maximum Student Capacity
2. Screening Schedule
3. Qualifications for Admission
4. Required Documents
5. Screening Method
6. Screening fee
7. Registration Method & Refund
8. Please note
9. Scholarship
10. Dormitory (Songgang Dormitory) Guide
11. Class Schedule

A. You can only apply for ONE of the departments

B. People with dual citizenships and stateless persons are not recognized as foreigners

C. Discovery of fraudulent, forged or modified documents will result in the cancellation of acceptance/admission.

D. For details not outlined in the recruitment criteria, a separate set of criteria prescribed by the University shall be referred to.

E. Applicants, who submit incomplete documents or do not meet the admissions criteria, will not be accepted.

F. All documents must be submitted in their original copies. For documents that are not in Korean or English, translated copies in either Korean or English must be submitted.

G. Applicants are obligated to provide accurate information, and the University will not be held responsible for issues arising from errors, omissions or mis-inputs, etc.

H. The University will not return the submitted documents unless otherwise requested by the applicant. Additional documents may be requested by the University during the application review for the purpose of judging legality.

I. Application forms cannot be edited or rescinded after submission.

J. For other inquiries, please contact one of the following numbers.

K. For other inquiries, please contact the International Education Center (국제교육원) of the University.

Phone : +82-62-950-3931 (Mandarin), 3576, 3578
Fax : +82-62-950-3577
e-mail : chenxing@kwu.ac.kr, chenxing_1982@hotmail.com