1. Departments and Maximum Student Capacity
2. Screening Schedule
3. Qualifications for Admission
4. Required Documents
5. Screening Method
6. Screening fee
7. Registration Method & Refund
8. Please note
9. Scholarship
10. Dormitory (Songgang Dormitory) Guide
11. Class Schedule

A. Internal Scholarship
(1) This scholarship is given differentially to foreign students based on their grades.
However, students with GPA of less than 2.5 in the previous term will not be eligible for scholarship.
(2) The scholarship for foreigners is subject to change according to the revisions of the school rules and/or scholarship regulations.

B. GKS Scholarship
(1) Description: this is a scholarship system that was established to motivate excellent foreign students to make further achievements and complete their studies away from home successfully by providing them with financial assistance.
(2)Payment method: monthly payments of 500,000 won are paid to each eligible student by the National Institute for International Education for a year.

a. self-supporting foreign students in 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of university on the date of application
b. students who had an average of 80% in the previous term
c. students who obtained TOPIK Class 4 or higher