Course Application Guide
Examination and Graduation

1. Examination types and periods
There are two types of exams: mid-term exams and final exams. The mid-term examination is given at 8 weeks and the final examination at 15 weeks after the start of the term. The exams will be given in class according to the schedule specified by the professor. However, a temporary examination, instead of a mid-term and final exam, may be given depending on the course.

2. Grade evaluation
Students will be evaluated on their attendance, preparation, reviews, assignments and test scores in each of their registered courses. However, special courses consisting of experiments and practical training may be evaluated separately.

3. Relative evaluation (Scaling)
Since students can choose any course they wish as there are multiple majors available, students are evaluated relative to other students to ensure fairness across all courses.

4. Objection to grades received
- Grade can be viewed under the responsibility of the professors in charge after the course is complete, and students may submit to their respective professors a notice of objection within the designated viewing period.
- Professors must input the students’ grades via the intranet by the due date after the final exam period, and submit a printed copy of the students’ grades to the Educational Affairs Division.
- After the submission, the grades cannot be changed. However, professors may notify the Department of any errors, omissions or mis-inputs and correct them upon obtaining the approval of the president.

5. Academic disciplines
Students whose G.P.A falls below 1.30 in Term 1 and Term 3, have 3 or more failed courses in the Term, even if their G.PA. is over 1.30, or do not register for courses without reason will receive an academic warning.

6. Distribution ratio for the relative evaluation (Scaling)
- Distribution ratio of grades for the relative evaluation
A+ to A- (90% to 100%): 30% or less
B+ (89%): decisions to be made by the professor

7. Graduation
1) Necessary credits for graduation
2) Students, who desire an early graduation, should fill out and submit the ‘early graduation application form’ to the Admissions Office through an advisor or the head of the affiliated department/faculty within 15 days of the start of the semester.
3) Students should complete the thesis, lab report, presentation and test necessary for graduation within the graduation semester, and the thesis plan to the head of the affiliated department/faculty within 15 days of the start of the semester.